Manna Irrigation – Sensor Free Irrigation Scheduling Software
Live product demo

  • Hovav Lapidot
    Director, Marketing & Sales, Manna Irrigation

30 minutes

Watch this webinar to learn more about: 

  • Manna Irrigation – a remote sensing solution for irrigation management, including a short live demo 

Introducing Manna Irrigation – A Sensor-free Irrigation Intelligence Solution

What is the problem?

To find the optimal irrigation schedule – for best Water Use Efficiency.
Optimized irrigation scheduling can improve water use efficiency by 10-15% 

How do we know when and how much to irrigate?

Optimal irrigation schedule – is an elusive delicate point.
Under irrigation will result in stressed plants that will not develop properly and will not produce optimal yield.
Over irrigation can cause rotten or choked roots, nutrients bleaching, vegetation instead of reproduction and increase energy and water costs.

Manna provides hardware-free daily irrigation recommendations and crop monitoring for better Water Use Efficiency

  • Easy to use, no hardware, software-only solution
  • Optimal irrigation schedule decision that accounts for the whole field and all aspects of the irrigation decision dilemma.

What is the value of using manna?

  • Optimal Irrigation Schedule
    • Improve Water-Use-Efficiency
    • Save costs on water and energy
    • Optimize yield
  • Remote Crop Monitoring
    • Quickly identify issues in a large production areas
    • Save potential yield loss
    • Save costs on labor
  • Operationally cost-effective
    • No hardware needed, easy deployment
    • No CAPEX, No Maintenance

How does it work?

  • The solution measures Crop Water Usage (ETc) through
    • Analysis of satellite imagery
    • Weather data from a virtual service or physical station
  • Calculate daily Soil Water Content
    • Plus: irrigations, rain
    • Minus: Crop ETc
  • Calculate irrigation Recommendations
    • Taking into consideration other factors such as irrigation system specs, the soil parameters and more