Irrigation Intelligence
from Outer Space

Manna Irrigation Intelligence - a sensor-free, software-based solution that provides
site-specific irrigation recommendations at the touch of a button, without the hassle
of in-ground sensors.

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The Problem

Getting irrigation just right can make the difference between high-yielding, consistent, sustainable crops and weed-choked, insect damaged crops treated with too many expensive inputs.

The Manna Solution

You will know when, how much and where to irrigate. The system empowers growers to make smart irrigation decisions by combining up-to-date, high resolution satellite data on field status with hyper-local weather conditions and field-tested agronomy models.


Precise Knowledge - Know the condition of every pixel in your field. Confidence - Dynamic recommendations and accurate data empower you to make smart decisions. Affordable and Hassle-free - No costly equipment. No Maintenance.

About Us

Manna is a leading provider of Irrigation Intelligence software solutions to growers around the world. We leverage our passion and decades of experience in remote sensing, agronomy and irrigation into delivering advanced solutions to optimize irrigation in your field.

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