Irrigation Intelligence
from Outer Space

Manna Irrigation Intelligence - a sensor-free, software-based solution that provides
site-specific irrigation recommendations at the touch of a button, without the hassle
of soil or plant sensors.

What we do

The Problem

Growers of every irrigated crop around the world face the same daily irrigation questions: how much water should be delivered to each plant, and when? Getting it right on both counts is vital to optimizing crop yield and quality, and to reducing water usage.

The Manna Solution

Based upon our proprietary satellite models and sensor-free approach, we provide growers with a high-resolution, integrated view of the entire field rather than readings from isolated disparate locations. With Manna’s affordable and user-friendly software, growers get dynamic, crop and site-specific irrigation recommendations anywhere and anytime.


Precise Knowledge - Know the condition of every pixel in your field.
Confidence - Dynamic recommendations and accurate data empower you to make smart decisions.
Affordable and Hassle-free - No costly equipment. No Maintenance.

About Us

Manna is a leading provider of Irrigation Intelligence software solutions to growers around the world. We leverage our passion and decades of experience in remote sensing, agronomy and irrigation into delivering advanced solutions to optimize irrigation in your field.

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