Our Expert Staff

We will develop intelligent weekly irrigation schedules that can be easily implemented by our growers. No one knows a field or the crop on it better than the grower. So, all of this will be done in an interactive weekly exchange with the grower where the grower will always have the final decision on their irrigation practices.

Weekly Reporting Services

Once the field equipment installation is complete and the system is fully commissioned, the dedicated water account manager will begin the weekly reporting process.  Each week the water account manager will provide the following reports and review the salient elements with the grower.

Crop Water Consumption (ETc)

ETc is a numerical value of the inches of water consumed in the field(s) as reported by satellite and remote sensing models. The value represents an estimation of the water consumed in the field through plant transpiration and field evaporation.

ETc Field Uniformity

Two components are reported. An image depicting the ETc uniformity of the field using colorized pixels of 10 meters x 10 meters. The color of each pixel represents the ETc value and the variation of colors across the field indicates the uniformity. The uniformity value is also provided as a percentage between 0 and 100, where 100 is perfect uniformity and a value of 0 would indicate no uniformity. evaporation.

Crop Vigor

Vigor reporting uses satellite based NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) images and values for the field(s).  An image depicting the vigor (NDVI) of the field(s) is provided using colorized pixels of 10 meters x 10 meters.  The color of each pixel indicates the vigor value on a scale of 0 to 1.0, where 1.0 is the highest possible vigor and 0 indicates no vigor.

HyperView Crop Vigor Uniformity

Two components are reported.  An image depicting the vigor where the scaling is zoomed in and recolorized to show greater details of vigor variation in the field(s).  A vigor uniformity value is also provided as a number between 0 and 100, where 100 is perfect uniformity and a value of 0 would indicate no uniformity.

Vigor Difference Images

Two images are provided with alert conditions.  A 1-Week Vigor Change image shows areas within the field(s) where the vigor value has changed positively and negatively by more than 10% since the last week’s report.  Values are given for the number of acres and percent of acres that have positively and negatively changed since the last week’s report.  A second image shows the 4-Week Vigor Change in the same manor and with the same values reported as the 1-Week Vigor Change report except it is comparing the current week to the values from four weeks prior.

Weekly Irrigation Schedule

A recommended daily irrigation schedule for the coming week, including recommended run-times of the irrigation system for the field(s). The recommended schedule is based on numerous parameters including, but not limited to, the prior week’s Crop Water Consumption (ETc), soil moisture conditions, projected soil infiltration rates, irrigation system application rates and forecasted weather.  It is solely the grower’s decision on how much or how often to irrigate the field(s) and the schedule provided by The Company is meant to be a recommended guideline only.

Water Infiltration Reporting

A chart is provided depicting the water infiltration depth and rate over time for irrigation and precipitation events.  The duration (hours), max depth (inches), time to depth (hours) and rate (inches/hour) are provided for each measured irrigation and precipitation event.

Weekly Performance Reports

A report showing the recommended weekly irrigation schedule versus the actual water applied by the grower.

Year-to-Date Performance

A report showing the actual cumulative water applied by the grower versus the cumulative crop water consumption (ETc).

Miscellaneous Reports

The Company may provide various other reports and data from time to time as needed or as applicable to the objectives of the program.