Irrigation Intelligence: knowing your actual f​ield water consumption

  • Hovav Lapidot, CEO Manna Irrigaton

20 minutes

Do you know how much water your field ACTUALLY consumes? This is a must-have piece of information for every grower and a huge part of the irrigation scheduling.
In this 20 minutes webinar, Hovav Lapidot, CEO of Manna, introduces Manna’s new feature that helps growers know their daily and accumulated Field Water Consumption (Crop Evapotranspiration – ETc), based on remote sensing.

One of the most popular practices of irrigation is based on evapotranspiration, the field water consumption. Manna’s innovative approach is based on evapotranspiration, it is observing the field’s actual Kc (crop coefficient), using high-resolution, high-frequent satellite images.

Main highlights discussed in the webinar:

  • Why use an irrigation scheduling solution?
  • How to find the optimal irrigation schedule for the best water use efficiency?
  • Field evapotranspiration and how to find your ETc (field water consumption).
  • How does Manna measure field water consumption from space?
  • Review of experiments validating Manna’s irrigation recommendations.

Including a peek at Manna’s irrigation scheduling and crop monitoring pages.