Manna webinar series: The optimization of drip irrigation in horticultural crops

*The webinar is in Spanish

  • Mario González, Manna Customer Success Manager Iberica
  • Juan Bautista Dominguez, Regional Sales Manager Rivulis

1 hour

In this webinar, Mario Gonzalez, Manna expert in Spain, and Juan Bautista Dominguez, Rivulis Sales Manager for the southwest of Spain, discussed water usage optimization in horticulture crops.
They offered some tips for drip irrigation installations, discussed processing tomato irrigation practices and presented some impressive case studies and trial results in processing tomato fields. This webinar is a great opportunity to learn how to improve yield and water use efficiency by implementing precision irrigation and by using advanced remote sensing tools.

Highlights discussed in the webinar:

  • How to optimize water application with drip irrigation installation for horticulture crops.
  • What is the importance of making a good irrigation design for horticulture crops? What information is required for making a good design?
  • Tips and pieces of advice about how to maintain drip irrigation throughout the season.
  • The most frequent irrigation mistakes made by tomato growers.
  • Review of success stories from Manna Irrigation, including experiment results on processing tomato fields.
  • How Manna can help improve yield and water use efficiency.