Our Team

We, the agronomic and technological experts at Manna, leverage decades of experience in remote sensing, agronomy and irrigation, into delivering advanced software solutions to optimize irrigation in your field.

Our Vision
We believe every grower in the world should have direct access to personalized and affordable Irrigation Intelligence which allows optimized and confident decisions. By merging remote sensing, data science and agronomy, we enable growers to deliver the right amount of water at the right time to all yield-producing land. Growers everywhere will be able to improve crop outcomes and reduce water usage, supporting sustainable farming.

Manna Irrigation is headquartered in the global hothouse of ag-tech innovation, Israel. Backed by Rivulis Irrigation, a leading provider of drip and micro-irrigation solutions with more than 50 years of experience, Manna has the knowledge and global reach to deliver groundbreaking software solutions to growers around the world.

Eyal Mor

"The Adult"

Eyal has 25 years of experience in management positions at Hi-tech and Clean-tech companies. He has established a number of companies and gained deep experience in developing multi-disciplinary products and marketing them on a global scale. Eyal is a veteran of the prestigious software technology unit of the IDF and he holds a B.A in Statistics from Tel Aviv University. He is a sports enthusiast, likes to run and exercise but most of all cheering his favorite soccer team.

Shay Mey-tal

Chief Agronomist
"The Dreamer"

Shay is a mastermind in the precision agriculture space. With experience in global seeds (Hazera) and fertilizer (ICL) giants, he pioneered the precision agriculture space in the Israeli market starting in 2001. He founded Agam Advanced Agronomy, a leader in remote sensing and precision agriculture services. Shay has a B.Sc in Agronomy from Hebrew University and an MBA from Heriot-Watt University. He enjoys hiking and is just about to complete the journey of crossing the entire country on foot with his son.

Hovav Lapidot

Director of Marketing
"The Creative Guy"

Hovav worked in product marketing in the software industry since 2000 for both small startups and large corporations in Israel and the USA. He holds a B.Sc in Industrial Engineering and Management from Tel Aviv University. Hovav grew up in a small farming community and now combines his passion for both agriculture and technology as the lead person for business growth at Manna Irrigation. When not roaming the world’s farming areas, Hovav likes painting, wood crafting and Yoga.

Guy Koppelman

Head of Software Development
“The Software Geek”

Guy is a well of knowledge when it comes to software technologies. Being in the business since 1997, including positions at Bank Leumi and numerous startups, Guy has collected vast knowledge and experience in designing, engineering and developing solid, advanced technology solutions. He has a B.Sc in Agriculture Engineering from the Israeli Technion. Every now and then Guy gets out of his beloved bits and bytes and goes running, swimming, scuba diving and whatever Navy Seals do in their free time.

Ofer Beeri

Chief Scientist
"The Crazy Scientist"

Ofer is a remote sensing expert on a global scale. Since 1998, Ofer has been dedicating his academic and professional life to developing practical applications of remote sensing in agriculture, alongside being a farm manager himself. He has a PhD in Geography from the University of Haifa and a post-doc from the University of North Dakota. When he is away from his computer screen, Ofer likes to challenge his kids (and dog, Dakota) with self-built Extreme Sport installations.

Philippe Lejeune

Director of European Operations
"The Italian Connection"

Philippe is a senior business executive in the agriculture business since the mid-90's. He established Europrogress in 1986, a Greenhouse manufacturer leader in Europe and since has been leading sales and marketing organizations in companies such as John Deere Water and Rivulis Irrigation to successful business growth in the entire European ag market. Philippe is a Rock music fan and he enjoys live concerts as much as he enjoys skiing and biking the Alps.

Shay Golan

Director, Product Delivery
“The Caring Guy”

Shay is a Customer Experience expert in the software industry since 1999, specializing in delivering and supporting high quality software products. He has over 15 years of experience in Quality Assurance and Support in both small and large global companies.
Shay holds a Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Swinburne University (Australia).
After making sure customers enjoy our products, Shay spends his free time in the nature - hiking, camping and playing guitar.

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