The Manna Irrigation Intelligence solution is a sensor-free, cloud-based software that provides growers with irrigation recommendations, crop monitoring maps and irrigation planning tools.

Growers can access the information anywhere at any time through our web interface or mobile application. Click here to download our product brochure.

Setup is easy – Simply define your fields, crops and date of planting. Within 24 hours, the system is ready to provide a freshly calculated irrigation recommendation for every field and irrigation zone.



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The Water Budget Planner forecasts weekly water requirements for every field using historical weather data and crop models. Planning your expected water consumption for the entire season allows you to: meet water quotas; optimize water use efficiency plan planting areas, and can guide in selecting the right crop.


Optimal Irrigation Scheduling leads to increased crop yield and quality and reduced water usage. Armed with up-to-date field conditions from satellite and pin-point weather data combined with Manna’s proprietary agronomy models, the system guides growers to maximum efficiency. At the heart of the solution, our proprietary remote sensing algorithms, automatically detect the actual crop water uptake (Evapotranspiration) of every micro-zone in the field. Unlike sensors that report from isolated, disparate locations, the Manna crop-specific models present an integrated view of the entire field. Using the observed ET, the system recommends daily and weekly irrigation amounts up to 14 days ahead.


Keeping a watchful eye on crop development in every field is an ancient and common practice. With Remote Sensing Irrigation technology, growers gain the confidence of knowing what is happening in each and every field at all times. Manna not only provides growers with vegetation maps and crop growth charts that help them evaluate crop development, the system also automatically detects and alerts the user to Zones of Interest – areas with significant variability that require grower’s attention.



Remote Sensing

Remote Sensing


Manna, an Irrigation Intelligence leader, provides growers around the world with the actionable information they need to make better-informed and more confident irrigation decisions. Its sensor-free, software-only approach leverages high-resolution, frequently refreshed satellite data and hyper-local weather information to deliver highly affordable and accessible solutions for site-specific irrigation recommendations.

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