Rivulis Irrigation Ltd. announces the establishment of its software division in the form of Manna Irrigation Ltd., a fully owned subsidiary, which will develop, market and deliver Irrigation-focused Precision Agriculture software services .  In conjunction with its founding, Manna Irrigation has acquired all the assets of Agam Advanced Agronomy Harei Megido Ltd., a leader of precision farming and remote sensing services in Israel.
Manna Irrigation will aid growers in making better informed decisions to enhance crop productivity and agriculture operational efficiency, by uniquely combining satellite-based remote sensing, GIS and CAD technologies with deep agronomic expertise and analytic capabilities. Services enabled by Manna Irrigation’s solutions will provide full cycle insights from initial irrigation system design through harvest.
Richard Klapholz, CEO of Rivulis Irrigation, stated, “Manna Irrigation reflects our commitment to the agriculture micro irrigation market through the delivery of software-based, value-added innovation and full-cycle irrigation solutions. Just as the Ancient Hebrews in the Bible received lifesaving Manna from Heaven, today’s growers can receive crucial information from the skies via satellite-based remote sensing.  Leveraging this crucial information, Manna Irrigation will provide growers with easily applicable, real-time and site-specific insights.”
Eliav Ashkenazy, a  Rivulis Irrigation veteran who will serve as the Chairman of Manna Irrigation added, “With the combination of Agam’s acquisition and Rivulis’ worldwide presence, I am convinced that Manna Irrigation is positioned to become a global leader in the Irrigation-focused Precision Agriculture category.”
About Rivulis IrrigationRivulis Irrigation is one of the leading drip and micro irrigation manufacturers worldwide. With 1,000 employees and 11 factories in 20 countries, and a global distribution network of well over 1,000 dealers and OEM partners, Rivulis Irrigation is a major player impacting the growing move of agriculture to drip irrigation. Rivulis Irrigation was established in June 2014, when FIMI acquired the former John Deere Water division from John Deere. The Fund, together with the new management of the company and its employees, succeeded in turning the company around in an exceptionally short time, effectively leveraging the 5 decade long expertise of the original founding companies (Plastro, T-Systems and Roberts Irrigation).