to become a global leader in Irrigation Management

We are pleased to update that the merger of Rivulis (Manna’s parent company) and Jain Irrigation’s International Business (Jain Logic’s parent company) is now fully completed. The merged company, Rivulis, will be a global micro irrigation leader, backed by two strong, long-term shareholders – Temasek and Jain Irrigation, and focused on transforming agricultural irrigation through both traditional product and Smart Farming solutions.

As part of the merger, Manna Irrigation and Jain Logic are now officially one company under the name Manna Irrigation.

Existing users of both platforms can still expect the same products and services as before, and now have access to additional capabilities.

We aim to become a global leader in irrigation management, providing solutions for monitoring, decision support and irrigation automation. We believe that integrating Jain Logic and Manna will bolster the offering as a whole to achieve that goal.

Through the merger of the teams and combination of the remote sensing approach from Manna with the in-field data approach from Jain Logic, growers and our business partners will benefit from an integrated irrigation management approach: which will include crop monitoring, irrigation monitoring, irrigation decision support and automation. As growers have different needs, we will offer the ability to select the right solution for their unique needs through a multi-tiered offering.

Now, even more than before we are committed to:

  • Business continuity: We will continue to fully support the solutions that growers and business partners have come to rely upon and to provide the high-quality service that you are used to. Our expanded team has a significant global presence, with strong teams on the ground in Israel, USA, Europe, India and Mexico, which enable us to be closer to the market and better serve our customers with more localized support.
  • Wider Irrigation Management offering: Growers and business partners around the world will benefit from an extensive product and solution offering, combining local & remote sensing technologies, decision support & automation. Together, we combine years of experience and know-how to develop and to support irrigation management technology.
  • Committed to the mission: Through this merger, we will continue our pursuit to promote sustainable farming, by providing advanced irrigation intelligence tools to improve water use efficiency and increased yield.

Going forward

Going forward, all activities of the merged company will operate under Manna Irrigation headquartered in Israel with strong presence in Fresno, California.
Hovav Lapidot will be the CEO of the merged operation. Ryan McNeish co-founder of PureSense (acquired by Jain) and VP Technology for Jain Logic, will lead the US operations of Manna.

Let us assure you that we are committed to your continued success. We will leverage this merger between Manna and Jain Logic to bring you the most cutting-edge, irrigation management solutions.

We are excited to work with you to offer more choice and enhanced services as we embark on the next chapter in our journey.

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