Why do you need Jain Logic Pulse?

JAIN Logic Pulse is a completely new approach to irrigation system monitoring.

  • Right from the design stage, your entire system has performance monitoring built in and monitors itself so you don’t have to. This means you can get on with doing what’s important, and know that when something needs attention, you’ll be the first to know.
  • Pulse intelligently works in the background, monitoring the pump and filter station tracking pre and post filter pressures, system flow and irrigation events. If anything needs your attention, Pulse will let you know with flexible alerting for you and your team.
  • Beyond alerting, Pulse provides regular reporting of water use, irrigation events, pressure variances and system health and delivers it to your email.
  • Achieve all this without ever needing to log in to a website or remember another password. Everything comes to you via email and SMS; simply and reliably.

What JAIN Logic Pulse Will Do For You

Filter Station

  • Pre and Post Filter Pressure
  • Pre and Post Filter Pressure Differential

Flow Meter

  • Total Applied Water – by event, week and season

Irrigation Event Logs

  • Weekly Trends for All Monitored Performance Inputs
  • Start Time, End Time, Run Time and Applied Water

System Alerts

  • User Defined High Pressure Events