EIMA show Bologna

Manna Irrigation Ltd, launched its operations in Europe by presenting at EIMA show 2016, Bologna Italy, November 9-13

EIMA 2EIMA-1“We were not surprised by the great interest the event attendants showed in our irrigation intelligence solution” commented Mr. Philippe Lejeune, Manna Irrigation’s Director of European Operations, “But we are very happy with the positive feedback we received from hundreds of growers, dealers, & agronomists who represent a wide range of geographic territories and crop types. The best proof that we are on the right track, is the fact that a few customers signed up for the service before we left the building”

EIMA 3During the EIMA show we established relations with multiple important business partners in Europe, which we believe will evolve to a high value business partnerships.

“I am confident that Manna irrigation intelligence solution answers a real market need, and that its simple and intuitive concept, will assure a quick and vast adoption by large number of European growers”, added Philippe.

The Irrigation Association show Las Vegas

Manna Irrigation Ltd, launched its operations in The Americas by presenting at the annual IA show 2016, held in Las Vegas December 7-8

 “A month after launching our service in Europe, we came to Vegas to introduce our innovative concept of Irrigation Intelligence. After demonstrating our sensor-free, site specific irrigation recommendation software to many show-comers, we are sure that in this case – what happens in Vegas will NOT stay in Vegas. This new approach will spread quickly and widely.” Says Eyal Mor, CEO of Manna Irrigation

“It was a very productive show for Manna” adds Hovav Lapidot, Director of Marketing. “We had the chance to expose our Irrigation Intelligence solution to a wide audience of professionals. Their feedback was amazing! Consultants, dealers, growers… everyone liked the approach and the way by which the information is delivered to the end-user. We also developed and enabled our distribution partners and even planted the seeds for additional potential partnerships with industry leaders”.

We look forward for the coming irrigation season. It is going to be exciting!