Australia has been strategically chosen to be the first country to release Manna Irrigation Intelligence solution (a subsidiary of Rivulis), a revolutionary sensor-free software system designed to assist growers make better irrigation decisions.

Using advanced satellite imaging technology, combined with real-time hyper-local weather, Manna Irrigation Intelligence makes complex agronomic and environmental calculations to provide irrigation recommendations, identify potential areas of under/over irrigation, and ultimately better manage your crop.

Based upon proprietary satellite data models and hyper-local weather forecast, Manna provides growers with high-resolution, whole-field view – irrigation recommendations which are crop specific and site specific, and can work with any type of irrigation system. At the heart of the solution are remote sensing algorithms, which automatically detect the actual crop water uptake (evapotranspiration) and calculate irrigation recommendation for every zone, valve or shift. It also provides a sophisticated budgeting tool for seasonal water use planning and monitoring – a method to more accurately order water in advance.

Additionally, the satellite imagery will highlight if there are any areas of over or under growth in a field, which allows the grower to investigate if there are irrigation, pest, disease, or other issues that should be addressed.

Growers access the data through either a web or mobile user interface which was designed for ease of use, with no need for any installation of hardware or software in their farm infrastructure.

By removing the need for sensors, there is no capital outlay and no equipment to maintain which is a common problem with moisture probes for example. Sensor based approach to irrigation scheduling is often limited by the number of probes and the unique soil profile that surrounds each probe, which leads to isolated, disparate readings that do not represent the conditions of the entire field.

“We gladly welcome the opportunity to be the first to deliver such a unique technology platform to our industry. With a solid corporate foundation and decades of experience in agronomy, micro-irrigation, precision agriculture and remote sensing, Manna Irrigation delivers the ‘big picture’ to irrigation.”, states Greig Graham, Managing Director of Rivulis Australia.

Manna Irrigation has been many years in development. When considering the precision agriculture market, Rivulis Management did not want to stick to a ‘brick and mortar’ irrigation model which lead to the decision in 2015 to acquire Agam Advanced Agronomy Harei Megido Ltd, a leader in precision farming and remote sensing services in Israel.

After the acquisition of Agam, Manna Irrigation was established as a subsidiary of Rivulis Irrigation, as part of the company’s commitment to helping growers achieve greater profitability through innovation.

Expressions of interests are now being collected for implementation of the application during the introductory phase. For more information, please contact Dr Nick Walker – / Ph 0409 692 111.