Why do you need pump managment?

  • Designed to monitor and control your new or existing pump.
  • Monitor Pump Run Status, Alarms, Input/Output, Start/Stop and integrate with other supported devices.
  • Works with cellular networks.
  • Other 900/UHF radio communications options are available.
  • Your controller accepts a 12V DC controlled logic input.

What do I need?

To set up pump management to monitor and control your pump’s setup, contact your nearest dealer to order a C3 Telemetry Module + Enclosure and Solar Panel + Split Mount Kit.

What Pump Management Will Do for You?

  • Monitor Pump run status – Know when your pump is on, you can use this information directly or as input to other JAIN Logic solutions such as Irrigation Scheduling.
  • Monitor Pump Alerts – Text messages instantly alert you if you need to take action with your pump.
  • Monitor Pump Input/output – Observe pump input and output through flow or pressure switches to be assured of proper operation.
  • Remote Start and Stop- Start and stop your pump from your computer, smartphone or tablet.
  • Integrate with more JAIN Logic Solutions – Engage Pump Management as the key component of Irrigation Scheduling, Water Level Control and Energy Management.