Smart Water Tank Monitoring System Helps Livestock Farmer

Priya Johal,
August 21, 2018

Key Stats:

Dean Hann is the property manager for Rebecca Gorman’s Yabtree West farm, just 40 minutes west of Wagga Wagga in New South Wales, Australia. Dean runs the almost 3,000-acre property with over 320 breeding herd of Angus Beef Cattle.

Dean and Rebecca chose to install the Jain Tank Monitoring Kits to reduce the time and resources they were spending having to physically check each tank’s water levels and ensure stock had water. Now, they’ve come to value the peace of mind that comes from being able easily log in to their farm’s portfolio and check water levels for each tank site, direct from their mobile phones, using Jain Logic. Whether they’re off-site or in another country, Jain Logic allows them the freedom to remotely monitor their farm and set up water level alerts if the tanks levels hit their alert thresholds.

“We didn’t want to come home to perished cattle or water everywhere (because of a leak in the system). It’s a good tool to have in your kit, to have the peace of mind – knowing you can check on it.”

— Dean Hann, Property Manager at Yabtree West

Before installing the Tank Kits, Dean was used to getting up and checking water levels every morning, ensuring; there were no leaks or blockages, tanks and troughs had water and that cattle hadn’t damaged anything.

Now, when there’s a problem Dean can set up his tanks to send automated text message alerts direct to his mobile phone when water supplies drop below 60%, with a secondary ‘very low’ level alert at 40%.

“If there’s a problem you can fix it. Whereas before sometimes you might not get there in time. It could be two hours later then what I’m getting to it now and it could be too late”.

— Dean Hann, Property Manager at Yabtree West

Jain Logic software captures the data collected from each tank, graphs it and provides valuable insights for users wanting to make informed decisions. Percentage readings show how much water cattle are drinking each day, especially in summer where surprisingly Dean found that cattle were drinking a lot more than he thought. He goes on to say…“In the summer they’re drinking a lot more water than we all think a cow would drink, on a hot day 1800 litres of water.”

“Im pretty fastidious about water you know – I hate losing it. But having this (Jain Logic) now has just made it easier, that you can manage your water better and knowing you’ve got it. If there’s a problem you can fix it.”

— Dean Hann, Property Manager at Yabtree West

Key Takeaways:

  • Labor costs reduced by 50% by installing telemetry to monitoring water levels remotely.
  • Stay prepared and ahead of faults in your farm water management system with automated low level (water) alerts.
  • Protect your valuable assets, by investing in tools that help you achieve your farm goals and free you up to focus on other areas.