Sentinel-1 to NDVI for Agricultural Fields Using Hyperlocal Dynamic Machine Learning Approach

Ran Pelta, P.h.D., Remote sensing and data scientist
May 2022

Want to learn how Manna can see through clouds?

Ran Pelta’s research on how to generate NDVI from SAR (radar) satellite images is now published online in “Remote Sensing” journal!

The study suggests a new method for converting Sentinel-1 (SAR) images to NDVIs for agricultural fields by utilizing a hyperlocal machine learning approach.

The model was tested on 548 commercial fields from 18 countries with 28 crop types and was based on 6,880 paired NDVI–SAR images.

The outcome of this study aspires to a persistent seamless stream of NDVI values, regardless of the atmospheric conditions and clouds, and it can assist in providing better, more accurate irrigation decisions.

Read the full study here

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