4 Reasons Why Over Irrigation is a Bad Idea

Shay Mey-tal, Chief Agronomist,
June 02, 2020

Being generous with watering your crops sounds like a great idea, especially during hot and dry weather. However, over-irrigation might cause serios harm. Here are some of the dangers involved with excessive irrigation:

1. Adverse effects on oxygen availability to the roots

Just like humans, plant roots need air to breathe. When there is too much water in the soil, the roots cannot take in adequate oxygen to survive. They are actually slowly suffocating.

2. Rotting, preventing the plant from growing new roots.

Plants have root hairs that absorb water and nutrients from the soil. They then transport these nutrients to various parts of the plant. Continued exposure to waterlogged conditions causes these root hairs to die out. Soaking soil is also a breeding ground for all sorts of pathogenic fungi and bacteria that will infect the plant and eventually kill it.

3. Fertilizers being washed

Water washes away from the root zone a lot of the nutrients in the soil that may be available to the plant. This process ends up depriving plants of essential nutrients.

4. Waste of precious resources and a higher bill!

Water isn’t a free resource, although some may say it should be as is the air we breathe. Over-irrigation is also over-spending and waste of nature’s reserve.

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